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Conference of the Birds, 12-11-20

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***In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Conference of the Birds will be broadcasting remotely, with little to no back-announcing, for the foreseeable future. Playlists will be updated live, in real-time, on the pop-up player on the WRFI website (for those listening live via WRFI's live-stream), on Spinitron at the Conference of the Birds page:

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We will continue to update playlists here within 24-48 hours of the program's airing Friday evenings on WRFI.

9:00 PM
Ifang Bondi - Jongama
Ifang Bondi Jongama
Sanjo - Afromanding Sound Zimbraz 1989 LP World
9:05 PM
Montego Joe - Maracatu
Montego Joe Maracatu
iArriba! Con Montego Joe Prestige 1994 CD Jazz
9:11 PM
Kellee Patterson - Maiden Voyage
Kellee Patterson Maiden Voyage
Maiden Voyage Black Jazz Records 1973 LP Jazz
9:16 PM
Maracatu Nação Encanto da Alegria & Mestre Toinho - Fizemos Nosso Compromisso
Maracatu Nação Encanto da Alegria & Mestre 
Toinho Fizemos Nosso Compromisso
Baque Forte Mundo Melhor 2015 MP3
9:19 PM
Larry Ochs & Aram Shelton Quartet - Switch
Larry Ochs & Aram Shelton Quartet Switch
Continental Drift Clean Feed 2020 CD Jazz
9:28 PM
Co Streiff Sextet - Qattara
Co Streiff Sextet Qattara
Qattara Intakt Records 2014 CD Jazz
9:33 PM
Jacques Coursil w. Alan Silva - Bennington-New York, Round Trip, Part I
Jacques Coursil w. Alan Silva Bennington-
New York, Round Trip, Part I FreeJazzArt 
(Sessions for Bill Dixon) Rogue Art 2014 CD
9:35 PM
Caetano Veloso - Coracao materno
Caetano Veloso Coracao materno
Tropicália: Ou Panis Et Circencis Phillips LP
9:39 PM
Ana Costa & Zélia Duncan - Sabemos Ver (feat. Cida Moreira)
Ana Costa & Zélia Duncan Sabemos Ver 
(feat. Cida Moreira) Eu Sou Mulher, Eu Sou Feliz 
Biscoito Fino 2019 MP3
9:43 PM
Renato Milagres - Sete Pecados (feat. Xande de Pilares)
Renato Milagres Sete Pecados (feat. Xande de 
Pilares) Sete Pecados (feat. Xande de Pilares) - 
Single Mins Musica 2020 MP3
9:47 PM
Reinaldo - Cheiro de Alfazema
Reinaldo Cheiro de Alfazema
Encontro Marcado: Eterno Príncipe do Pagode, 
Vol 1 Fórmula do Samba 2020 CD
9:50 PM
Pacho Peña y su Chirimia - Las Brisas del Chocó
Pacho Peña y su Chirimia Las Brisas del 
Chocó Pacífico Colombiano Otrabanda 
Records & Music 2008 MP3
9:56 PM
Dexter Johnson - Soy Hijo del Siboney (partial)
Dexter Johnson Soy Hijo del Siboney (partial)
Live à l'étoile Teranga Beat 2014 CD
10:00 PM
Laba Sosseh - Sittiera
Laba Sosseh Sittiera
Monguito El Unico and Laba Sosseh in U.S.A 
(Salsa Africana) Sacodisc 1980 LP World
10:09 PM
Kirk Lightsey & Rudolph Johnson - Fresh Air
Kirk Lightsey & Rudolph Johnson Fresh Air
Habiba Outernational 2020 LP
10:15 PM
Marion Brown - Capricorn Moon
Marion Brown Capricorn Moon
Marion Brown ESP-Disk' 2015 CD Jazz
10:40 PM
Fay Victor - What's Gone Wrong
Fay Victor What's Gone Wrong
We've Had Enough (feat. Reggie Nicholson, 
Joe Morris & Sam Newsome) ESP-Disk 2020 MP3
10:50 PM
Mary Steele - Yababa Gowizany (Father, I Want to Get Married)
Mary Steele Yababa Gowizany (Father, 
I Want to Get Married) You Hurt My Feelings: 
Ottoman Folk Music in NYC, October 1919 - 
May 1921 Canary Records 2020 MP3
10:53 PM
Cheikh El Hasnaoui - Red balek
Cheikh El Hasnaoui Red balek
Cheikh El Hasnaoui, Vol. 3 : Ya noudjoum ellile 
(Chaâbi algérien) Club du Disque Arabe 1968 LP
11:00 PM
Nitai Dasgupta - O Ganga Tu Bahati Ja
Nitai Dasgupta O Ganga Tu Bahati Ja
Songs of India mushroom 2016 MP3
11:03 PM
Mohammed Wardi - El Gamar Boba
Mohammed Wardi El Gamar Boba
El Gamar Boba no label Cassette
11:15 PM
Aster Aweke - Lib Weled
Aster Aweke Lib Weled
Ćhewa Kabu Records 2019 MP3 Jazz
11:20 PM
Muhammad H. Jrifani & Mullah Adnan Ensemble - Mukhalif
Muhammad H. Jrifani & Mullah Adnan 
Ensemble Mukhalif Iraq: Iqa’at - Traditional 
Rhythmic Structure Barenreiter-Musicaphon 1
979 LP
11:34 PM
Samira Dunia - Galbi La Tahwa Tani (My Heart, Don’t Fall in Love Again)
Samira Dunia Galbi La Tahwa Tani (My Heart, 
Don’t Fall in Love Again) Two Niles to Sing a 
Melody: The Violins & Synths of Sudan Ostinato 
Records 2018 LP
11:39 PM
Szilárd Mezei Vocal Ensemble - Amerika Szálló, Pt. 4
Szilárd Mezei Vocal Ensemble Amerika Szálló, Pt. 4
Hotel America Not Two 2018 CD Jazz
11:52 PM
Simon Nabatov, Max Johnson & Michael Sarin - Maracatu Askew
Simon Nabatov, Max Johnson & Michael Sarin 
Maracatu Askew Free Reservoir Leo Records 
2017 CD Jazz

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