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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Conference of the Birds Playlist, 4-4-14

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Hour One

Set One:
Kandia Kouyaté/ Gnanama/ Biriko/ UK: Stern's, 2002.

Tiécoro Sissoko/ Ti ta Ti/ Keme Borama/ USA: Kanaga System Krush, 2014.

Set Two:
Sorry Bamba/ Kelai Magni/ Sorry Bamba va. Kante Manfila: Clash Mandingue/ France: Oriki, 2008.

Booker Little/ Minor Sweet/ Booker Litte/ USA: Time, 1960.

Sonny Rollins w. Don Cherry et al./ Doxy/ Our Man in Jazz/ France: RCA, no date.

Set Three:
Amir ElSaffar/ Ishtarum/ Alchemy/ USA; Pi Recordings, 2013.

Takoutsia, Musicians of Zagori/ Kyra Frossini - table song/ Grèce - Épire: Takoursia/ France: Inedit, 1990.

Imed Alibi/ Balkani Connection/ Safar/ France: ILR, 2014.

Hour Two

Set Four:
Dahmane el Harrache/ Bilad Elkhir/ Dahmane el Harrache: le Cha'abi Volume 1/ France: Club du Dissue Arabe, 1991. 

Asnakech Worku/ Tizita/ Music from Ethiopia/ Sweden: Caprice, 1992.

Set Five:
Yetemwork Mulat/ Semayi na Meder/ Ethiopie: Le Chant de Bagana/ Switzerland: VDE-Gallo, 2006.

Billy Bang/ Prayer for Peace/ Prayer for Peace/ Finland: TUM-Oy, 2005.

Set Six:
Pt. C. R. Vyas/ Raga Paraj/ Vocal Recital/ India: Venus, no date.

End of Playlist