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Conference of the Birds, 3-30-18

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Hour One

Set One:
Bill Dixon/ The Sirens/ November 1981/ Italy: Soul Note, 1982.

Set Two:
Steve Lacy Five/ Troubles/ The Way/ Switzerland: Hat Hut, 2004.

Netsenet Melesse/ Minew Jal/ Best of Netsanet Melesse's Old Collection: Doju/ Ethiopia: self-produced, 2017.

Alemu Aga/ Abba Gran Motä/ Ethiopia: Three Chordophone Traditions/ Germany: Bärenreiter-Musicaphon, no date.

Sun Ra and His Arkestra/ Ancient Aithiopia/ Jazz in Silhouette/ USA: Evidence, 1991.

Set Three:
Cat Toren/ Opa-Pa/ Goodbye Farm/ Canada: Green Ideas, 2009.

Khaled/ Zabana/ La Liberté/ USA: Wrasse, 2009.

Hour Two

Emil Zrihan/ Kochav Tzedek/ Ashkelan/ Germany: Piranha, 1998.

Salim Halali/ Arjaa Labladek/ Salim Halali en Algérie/ France: Club du Disque Arabe, 1990.

Asala Nasri/ Teqder Terooh/ Ghaliya/ Lebanon: Al Abdool, 2003.

Set Four:
Prakash B. Krnath et al./ Santânchiye gâvi premâchâ sukâla (Divine Love Abounds in the Village of the Holy Men and Women)/ Inde: Mahârâshtra: Chants des Konkanî de Kochi/ Switzerland: VDE Gallo, 2006.

Super Rail Band/ Dounya/ Mansa/ France: label Bleu, 1995.

Ousmane Kouyate Band/ O N'Nafanta/ Domba/ UK: Stern's, 1990.

Set Five:
Prakash B. Krnath et al./ Haripath by sant Jñânesvara/ Inde: Mahârâshtra: Chants des Konkanî de Kochi/ Switzerland: VDE Gallo, 2006.

Hour Three

Mariam Sattarova/ Sawti Chârgâh/ Ouzbékistan / Uzbekistan - Maqâm Dugâh (Shash-maqâm ouzbek-tadjik)/ France: Inedit, 2002.

Fakhrudin, Ghulam Sakhi, Mohammed Saleh/ Uzbek - Pashtun - Herati Folk Song/ Afghanistan: On Marco Polo's Road/ USA: Music of the Earth, 1997.

El Pele & Vicente Amigo/ Rincón de los Amargos (Soléa)/ Canto/ Spain: Ariola, 2003. 

Set Six:
Alexis Cuadrado w. Miles Okazaki, Andy Milne & Tyshawn Sorey/ What a Rose Is, Pamela, Cornelia St. Café/ Poetica/ USA: Sunnyside, 2006.

Henry Threadgill/ And More Dirt - Part I/ Dirt... And More Dirt/ USA: Pi Recordings, 2018.

William Parker/ Testimony of the Stir Pot/ In Order to Survive// Italy: Black Saint, 2009.

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