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Conference of the Birds, 3-27-20

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9:01 PM
Don Cherry - Brown Rice
Don Cherry Brown Rice
Brown Rice Atlantic 1977 LP
9:06 PM
H. Idjjah Hadidjah - Guguling
H. Idjjah Hadidjah Guguling
Guguling Jugala 1986 Cassette
9:14 PM
Uma Kumar - Srishti (The Eternal Dance of Creation) / Rigveda (Sanskrit) / Revathy (Tamil) / Ragashree (Tamil) / Caribbean Soca (English) [feat. Victor P. Perelion]
Uma Kumar Srishti (The Eternal Dance of Creation) 
/ Rigveda (Sanskrit) / Revathy (Tamil) / Ragashree (Tamil) 
/ Caribbean Soca (English) [feat. Victor P. Perelion]
Indus Kaaveri Ganges Myusic 2013 MP3 World
9:17 PM
Kostas Soukas - ROM Antilali
Kostas Soukas ROM Antilali
Axeperastos FM Records 2011 MP3 World
9:20 PM
Nikos Gouvas - untitled
Nikos Gouvas untitled
ΣΟΛΟ ΚΛΑΡΙΝΟ 06 unknown Cassette
9:23 PM
Christos Govetas - San Apokliros Ghirizo
Christos Govetas San Apokliros Ghirizo
Pasatempo, Rebetika With Christos Govetas 
Christos Govetas 2006 MP3 World
9:28 PM
Dahmane El Harrache - Eli Heb Salhou
Dahmane El Harrache Eli Heb Salhou
Dahmane el Harrache: Chaabi Volume II Club du 
Disque Arabe 1991 CD
9:34 PM
Din Mohammad Zamak-Zahi (Ghichak) - Simorgh (Baluchestan)
Din Mohammad Zamak-Zahi (Ghichak) Simorgh 
(Baluchestan) Gosan Parsi-07 (Some Examples of 
the Melodious Tale In Iran) Barbad Music 2007 CD World
9:47 PM
Ensemble Kaboul - Bishab ke tchu nai
Ensemble Kaboul Bishab ke tchu nai
Nastaran - Afghanistan, Vol. 2 Arion 2001 CD
9:53 PM
Tani Tabbal - Khusenaton
Tani Tabbal Khusenaton
Wizards Tani Tabbal 2014 MP3 Jazz
10:00 PM
Toh-Kichi(Satoko Fujii,Tatsuya Yoshida) - Front Line
Toh-Kichi(Satoko Fujii,Tatsuya Yoshida) 
Front Line 梅花藻 Baikamo Libra 2019 MP3
10:04 PM
Pheeroan Aklaff, Baikida Carroll, Oliver Lake & Donald Smith - Cotton Iv
Pheeroan Aklaff, Baikida Carroll, Oliver Lake & 
Donald Smith Cotton Iv
Prophet Black Saint 2008 LP Jazz
10:12 PM
Toshiyuki Miyama and His Newherd & Masahiko Satoh - Canto IV
Toshiyuki Miyama and His Newherd & Masahiko 
Satoh Canto IV Canto of Libra Columbia 1970 LP Jazz
10:17 PM
Susie Ibarra - The Uncertainty Principle, Pt. 1
Susie Ibarra The Uncertainty Principle, Pt. 1
Perception Decibel Collective 2018 CD Jazz
10:18 PM
Mostly Other People Do The Killing - West Bolivar (For Caetano Veloso)
Mostly Other People Do The Killing West Bolivar 
(For Caetano Veloso) Mauch Chunk Hot Cup 
2015 MP3 Jazz
10:24 PM
Aline de Lima - Amizades Mortas
Aline de Lima Amizades Mortas
Arrebol Naive 2007 MP3 World
10:29 PM
Caetano Veloso - Um Comunista
Caetano Veloso Um Comunista
Abraçaço Nonesuch 2012 CD World
10:38 PM
Tenores De Sarule - A gonare
Tenores De Sarule A gonare
Antologia della musica sarda Recording Arts 
2011 CD
10:40 PM
Luciano Berio, Contempoartensemble, Luisa Castellani, Sabrina Biuliani & Vittorio Ceccanti & Mauro Ceccanti - V. a la Femminisca
Luciano Berio, Contempoartensemble, 
Luisa Castellani, Sabrina Biuliani & Vittorio Ceccanti & 
Mauro  Ceccanti V. a la Femminisca Berio: Folk Songs / 
Boulez: Dérive Arts Music 1997 CD
10:42 PM
Malini Rajurkar - Raga Adana
Malini Rajurkar Raga Adana
Classical Vocal: Malini Rajurkar Fountain Music 
Company 2001 MP3
10:57 PM
Go: Organic Orchestra & Brooklyn Raga Massive - Reflective
Go: Organic Orchestra & Brooklyn Raga Massive 
Reflective Ragmala - A Garland of Ragas Meta Records 
2019 MP3
11:00 PM
Guy Adjovi - Gbé Gban
Guy Adjovi Gbé Gban
Bénin passion, Vol. 2 (Le meilleur des années 
60 au Bénin) Bolibana 2000 MP3
11:05 PM
Carlos Burity - Menina Ué Mita
Carlos Burity Menina Ué Mita
Ginginda Sonodisc 2000 CD
11:10 PM
Belita Palma - Fidel Castro
Belita Palma Fidel Castro
A Voz Angola Records 1975 LP
11:13 PM
Keletigui et Ses Tambourinis - Soundiata
Keletigui et Ses Tambourinis Soundiata
Grand tierce musical Syliphone / Syllart Records 
2015 MP3
11:19 PM
AC BC /AfroCeltic BeatConnections, Miss Maawa & Shakka Soumbounou - Niger-Water
AC BC /AfroCeltic BeatConnections, Miss Maawa 
& Shakka Soumbounou Niger-Water TAKE DOWN Niger - 
Water - Single Roadmusic 2017 MP3 World
11:23 PM
Sun Ra - Springtime Again
Sun Ra Springtime Again
Sleeping Beauty Art Yard 2004 CD Jazz
11:33 PM
Sabir Mateen, Patrick Holmes, Federico Ughi - Freedom of Souls
Sabir Mateen, Patrick Holmes, Federico Ughi 
Freedom of Souls Survival Situation 577 Records 
2020 MP3
11:48 PM
Kenny Garrett - Koranne Said
Kenny Garrett Koranne Said
Triology Warner Bros. 1995 CD Jazz
11:52 AM
Frode Gjerstad, Bobby Bradford,  Kent Carter,  John Stevens - Blue Cat Part II (partial)
Frode Gjerstad, Bobby Bradford, Kent Carter, 
John Stevens Blue Cat Part II (partial)
Blue Cat NoBusiness 2019 MP3

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