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Conference of the Birds, 7-6-18

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Hour One

Set One:
Bhimsen Joshi/ Raga Bhairavi: Thumri In Slow Rupak Taal "Baju Bandh Khul Khul Ja"/ Vocal Phenomenal/ Germany; Chandra Dhara, 1992.

Fotis Halilopoulos/ Tsiftetelli Romani II/ Greek Gypsy Music./ Greece: Hellenicrecord, 2006.

Set Two:
El Boleco/ Siendo Gitano/ Joven Cante Jondo Volume 6/ Spain: La Drogueria, 2018.

Chano Lobato w. Martirio/ Volver/ Azucar Cande/ Spain: Universal, 2000.

Hermanos Banuelos/ El Deportado Part I/ Corridos y Tragedías de la Frontera/ USA: Arhoolie, 1994.

Cubismo w. Saban Bajramoviç/ Geijan dade/. The Best of Cubismo/ Croatia: Aquarius, 2002.

Nicolas Menheim & le Super Sabador/ Borinque Tropical/ Commandante Ché Guevara/ Germany: Popular African Music, 2002.

Set Three:
Orchestre Veve w. Youllou Mabiala/ Nakokufa Pona Mwasi Na Lingi/ Edition Veve 1969-1978/ Congo: Editions Veve International,  no date.

International Orchestra Safari Sound/ Homa Imenizidia/ Zanzibara, vol. 7 : Sikinde Vs Ndekule, une bataille d'orchestres à Dar es Salaam (1984-87)/ France; Buda, 2013.

Kamasi Washington/ Fists of Fury/ Heaven and Earth/ USA: Young Turks, 2018.

Hour Two

Set Four:
Mimika Orchestra/ Song of Sorrow/ Divinities of the Earth and the Waters/ UK: PDV, 2018.

Vulkana Stoyanova/ Jenala e Dyulber Yana/ Vulkana Stoyanova: The Voice of Thrace/ unknown; Blakaton, 2010.

Salim Halali/ Nlaguik Elilia/ Trésors de la chanson judéo-arabe/ France: Buda, 1990.

Dahmane el Harrache/ Rayi ezzahouani/ Dahmane el Harrache Volume III/ France: Club du Dique Arabe, 1992.

Salima Pasha Murad/ Yaahedny/ Salima Pasha Murad Collection, Vol. 1/ Iraq: Kitabal Aghani, 2015.

Set Five:
Criolo/ Espiral de Ilusão/ Espiral de Ilusão/ Brazil: Stern's Brazil, 2017.

Maria Alice/ Tchuva Si Dá/ Lagrima e Suplica/ Cape Verde: Zona Musica, 2011.


Henry Threadgill/ Gateway/ Song Out of My Trees/ Italy: Black Saint, 1994.

Sanam Marvi/ Aray Logoon/ Sanam Marvi/ Pakistan: Walnut Studios, 2014., 

Amalgam/ Tales of Sadness/ Prayer for Peace/ Lithuania: NoBusiness, 2010.

Set Six:
Kudsi Erguner & Süleyman Erguner/ Voyager/ Sufi Music fo Turkey/ Germany: CMP Records, 1990.

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