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Conference of the Birds, 7-13-18

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Hour One

Set One:
Roz Harding, Mike Outram, Jim Bashford/ If You Could/ Supermood/ UK: Leo Records, 2018.

Nicole Mitchell w. Haki N,. Mahdubuti et al./ We Walk the Way of the New World/ Liberation Narratives/ USA: Black Earth Music, 2017.

Bolonyen orchestra of the village of Lataha/ Bolozyere/ Côte D'ivoire: A Senufo-Fodonon - Funerary Vigil/ Germany: Unesco, 2000.

Set Two:
Rodrigue Milien Et Son Groupe Combite Creole/ Rapadou/ Tanbou Toujou Lou: Meringue, Kompa Kreyol, Vodou Jazz & Electric Folklore from Haiti 1960 - 1981/ USA: Ostinato, 2010.

Toto Bissainthe/ Monologue/ Rétrospective/ France: Aztec, 2010.

Bonga/ Saudades Terras Enclave/ Kandandu/ Portugal: La Do Si Discos, 1980.

Thelonious Monk/ Brilliant Corners/ Brilliant Corners/ USA: Riverside, 1957.

Lemzo Diamono/ Simb/ Marimbalx/ UK: Stern's, 1997.

Youssou n'Dour/ Immigrés-Bitim Rew/ I Bring What I Love/ Germany; Arthaus/ Nonesuch, 2010.

Set Three:
Tijâniyya & Murîdiyya/ Waqânî yasurru/ Sénégal: Chant des confréries soufies/ France: Ocora, 2013.

Ahmed Malek/ Tikjida/ Musique originale de films/ Germany: Habibi Funk, 2016.

Abdel Gadir Salim All-Stars/ Bassama/ The Merdoum Kings Play Songs of Love/ USA: Shanachie, 1991.

Hour Two

Kadash & the Nile Troupe (Andi Hug, Co Streiff, et al.) / Dari Gamal El Ein Dari/ Kadash & the Nile Troupe/ Switzerland: Unit, 1998.

Kristina Karamfilova/ Devoika E Rusi Kosi Plela/ Zebrovitza (Treasures of Bulgarian Folk Music)/ Bulgaria: Riva Sound, 2010.

Gordon Grdina's The Marrow/ Wayward/ Ejdeha/ Canada: Songlines, 2018.

Billy Bang, Don Cherry, Wilbur Morris, Dennis Charles/ Maat/ Untitled Gift/ USA: Anima, 1982.

Set Four:
Orchestra Colon/ Le Gente Critica/ Creepon' Up/ Puerto Rico: Rico Records, 1971.

Hector Lavoe with Willie Colon/ Vigilante/ Vigilante/ USA: Fania, 1983.

José Mercé/ Te Recuerdo Amanda/ 40 Años del Cante: José Mercé/ Spain: Parlophone, 2014.

Aurora Vargas/ Si Yo Supiera/ Orso Romi/ Spain: Pasarela, 2001.

Hour Three

John Coltrane Quartet/ One Down, One Up/ Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album/ USA: Impulse!-Verve, 2018.

Set Five:
John Coltrane Quartet/ Untitled Original/ Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album/ USA: Impulse!-Verve, 2018.

Daya Shankar & Anant Lal/ Raga Lalit: Aochar, Gat In Slow Ek Taal, Gat In Fast Teen Taal/ Daya Shankar's Shahnai Ensemble with Pandit Anant Lal/ Germany: Chandra Dhara, 1989.

Set Six:
Steve Swell's Fire Into Music/ For Arthur Williams/ Swimming in a Galaxy of Goodwill and Sorrow/ France: Rogue Art, 2005.

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